Cosmetic Oil – Garlic 100% Natural – 60 ml

The benefits of garlic for the hair in general
Garlic helps hair growth in an excellent way and helps prevent hair loss;
It also helps the growth of hair follicles and eliminates harmful substances from the scalp;
Garlic also helps to improve the texture of your hair and strengthens its roots;
Allicin, the main substance of garlic, helps to increase the passage of hemoglobin to the scalp, and thus it helps to reduce hair loss to a large extent;
Sulfur in garlic helps remove crust from the scalp and prevents it from reappearing;
The proportion of copper in garlic helps to strengthen the hair and increase their thickness;
Do not forget also the proportion of raw vitamin C in garlic, which has a significant effect in improving the health of the hair in general;
The iron in the garlic helps to get more blood to the scalp and you certainly know the meaning of the arrival of more blood on the scalp.

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